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Reglazed Jacuzi Tub

Is there a market for this product?

According to New Business Opportunities Magazine, “There’s no doubt about it—the remodeling industry is big business.” The market is continually expanding as more and more homeowners, apartment complex owners and institutions (hotels, hospitals, nursing homes and schools) discover the merits of refinishing and the tremendous savings when compared to fixture replacement.

Put yourself in the position of someone debating whether to replace or refinish bathroom or kitchen fixtures:

  • Replacement fixtures are almost invariably of lesser quality than the original.
  • Replacing a fixture (for example, a bathtub) can take several days or even weeks during which time the occupants are unable to use the facility. Perma-Glaze® refinishing is completed in a matter of hours, with an additional curing time of 24-48 hours, depending on the degree of damage.
  • Replacement requires many tedious and destructive chores:
    • breaking and removing ceramic wall tile that surrounds the tub
    • gouging out dry wall and cutting through 2X4 studding
    • chiseling, breaking and disposing of floor tile......all before the tub can be removed prior to replacement.
  • This is dangerous (cast iron tubs weigh up to 300 pounds), messy, noisy and expensive work, usually requiring the services of a carpenter, plumber and tile setter. Tub removal and replacement often costs from $1,500 to $3,000. Perma-Glaze® refinishing requires only the services of one skilled technician.
  • The cost of Perma-Glaze® refinishing is a fraction (about 15 to 30 percent) of the replacement cost.

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